"Key to the Mystery: Why East Coasters Love the Florida Keys (and West Coasters Are Missing Out)"

24 Sep 2023    Catgeory1


"Key to the Mystery: Why East Coasters Love the Florida Keys (and West Coasters Are Missing Out)"


If you've ever been to the picturesque Florida Keys, you might have noticed something peculiar: most of our visitors seem to hail from the eastern side of the United States. While Floridians and East Coasters flock to these idyllic islands like snowbirds to sunshine, West Coasters seem to be missing out on the tropical paradise we all enjoy! In this lighthearted exploration, we're going to uncover the reasons why the Florida Keys are an East Coast favorite and why those from the West Coast might want to consider a cross-country trip one day.


1. The East Coast Connection:

It's no secret that East Coasters have an easier time reaching the Florida Keys. The eastern part of the U.S. is relatively closer in terms of flight distance and travel time. We hop on planes from New York, Boston, or Atlanta, and we can find ourselves sipping a margarita on Key West in a matter of hours. West Coasters, on the other hand, have to endure a lengthier journey to experience the Keys' tropical delights. But don’t worry you don’t need a passport to get here!


2. Snowbirds Escape to US Tropical Paradise:

Many East Coasters endure brutal winters, making the Florida Keys the perfect escape from frigid temperatures, shoveling piles of snow, and snowstorms. It's no wonder they flock southward in droves, seeking refuge from Old Man Winter. We have wonderful villas on or near the sandy white beaches. Villas large enough to accommodate whole family reunions. West Coasters, with their milder climates, might not feel the same urgency to escape the cold. Their loss it’s much nicer here in the Keys! 


3. Familiarity Breeds Comfort:

East Coasters have a historical love affair with Florida and it not just the orange juice. They've been vacationing here for generations, creating a sense of nostalgia and tradition. It's become a rite of passage and mecca for families to pack up their cars and head to the Keys, carrying on traditions started by their grandparents. West Coasters, while having their own stunning coastlines, might not have the same sentimental attachment to the Sunshine State. Even though our winters are milder and sunnier throughout the year.


4. The Hemingway Effect:

Iconic author Ernest Hemingway called Key West home for many years, and his legacy still lingers (just ask the bar tenders in his favorite bar at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West). East Coasters, who might have grown up reading his works, are naturally drawn to the place where the famous novelist penned some of his most famous stories. West Coasters, perhaps influenced by different literary heroes, might not share the same affinity for our Papa Hemingway. Check out the Hemingway House & Museum when you’re here. 


5. Proximity to Other East Coast Hotspots:

The Florida Keys are strategically located near other East Coast hotspots like Miami and Orlando. It's easy for East Coast visitors to extend their vacations, creating a multi-destination trip that includes beach time, theme parks, and city exploration. West Coasters might need to plan more extensive itineraries to justify their trip.


Anyway, it's clear that East Coasters have a geographic advantage when it comes to visiting the Florida Keys, it's essential to remember that everyone can enjoy the beauty and charm of this tropical paradise. West Coasters, take note! A cross-country adventure awaits you, (no passport necessary). The Florida Keys is the most tropical location in the entire US containment filled with turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, and the best Key lime pie you'll ever taste. So, whether you're from the East or the West, pack your bags and head to the Florida Keys—it's a vacation you won't soon forget, no matter where you call home. Book you next trip direct on Florida Keys Villas – FloridaKeysVillas.com and cross the Keys off your bucket list!