"Experience Fun in the Sun: Must-Have Pool Accessories at FloridaKeysVillas.com!"

24 Jun 2023    Catgeory1

"Experience Fun in the Sun: Must-Have Pool Accessories at FloridaKeysVillas.com!"


Favorite Pool Accessories in the Florida Keys!


At FloridaKeysVillas.com, we strive to provide the ultimate vacation experience for our guests. With three high-end vacation villas in the beautiful Florida Keys, complete with saltwater heated pools, we understand the importance of offering top-notch pool accessories. After years of experimenting with various floating toys, we have discovered the perfect pool toys that our guests absolutely love. In this article, we would like to share with you why we choose Big Joe's Pool Floats as our go-to pool accessories for our vacation rentals.


One of the main reasons we adore Big Joe's Pool Floats is their durability. Unlike traditional blow-up pool toys that tend to break easily, these floats are built to withstand the test of time. They are specifically designed to endure the intense Florida Keys sun and retain their vibrant colors for a longer period. This means that instead of having to replace the toys every week, they last for years, which is a big win for us as property owners.


The variety of Big Joe's Pool Floats is another aspect that sets them apart. We particularly love their bright and fun colors that appeal to kids of all ages. The Red Lobster, Green Turtle, Great Alligator, and Happy Hippo are among the favorites among our young guests. These adorable animal-shaped floats create an exciting and playful atmosphere in the pool, keeping the children entertained for hours on end. It's like having a mini aquatic zoo right in our backyard!


We acknowledge that not all pool toys are one-size-fits-all, and that's where Big Joe's Pool Floats excel. Some parents have noted that certain floats may be too big or too small for their kids, creating a Goldilocks effect. However, we believe that this variety is actually a positive feature, as it allows us to cater to different age groups and preferences. Every child can find a float that suits them just right, adding to the joy and excitement of their pool experience.


Living in the Florida Keys means we enjoy warm weather all year round, which is a perfect environment for these pool accessories. The floats do not suffer from the common issue of drying out, as they air dry naturally in the consistently warm climate. This eliminates any concerns about storing the toys in a specific way to prevent damage. It's all about effortless fun in the sun!


Of course, no product is perfect, and Big Joe's Pool Floats are not exempt from a minor drawback. Occasionally, a seam may open up, causing some of the beans inside the floats to escape into the pool. However, this inconvenience is easily resolved. We simply use a pool net to scoop up the beans, repair the seam, and refill it with beans or replace the toy if necessary. To ensure the longevity of these floats, we even stock extra beans for quick fixes. This level of maintenance and repair is simply not possible with traditional blow-up toys, making Big Joe's Pool Floats the clear winner in terms of longevity and versatility.


In conclusion, at FloridaKeysVillas.com, we have found Big Joe's Pool Floats to be the ultimate pool accessories for our vacation rentals. Their durability, vibrant colors, variety, and suitability for the warm Florida Keys climate make them an absolute hit with our guests. The smiles and laughter of children playing with these toys in our saltwater heated pools are priceless. We are proud to offer our guests an unforgettable vacation experience, and these pool floats are an essential part of that experience. So dive in and enjoy the summer fun with Big Joe's Pool Floats in the Florida Keys!


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